Monday, April 4, 2011

4-4-11 - Hipnautica, Twin Sages, Cari Palazzolo, GOBI, Melogrand, Galapagos, Sevonica

1)"BassInvasion 2011" by Hipnautica (
2)"Fight Moan" by Twin Sages (
3)"drift apart" from the "fancy feast" LP by Cari Palazzolo (
4)"The Poltergeist Arcade" from "The Poltergeist Arcade" LP by GOBI (
5)"We're Being Robbed" from the "Melogrand" EP by Melogrand (
6)"Want It All" from the "Sounds Vol. 1" LP by Galapagos
7)"The World Burns" by Sevonica (

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