Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12-26-11 - The Pons, Robbie D Love, Iron Felix, Tin Can Phone, The Boxing Lesson

1)”The Blackest Shine” from the “The Blackest Shine” LP by The Pons (theponsmusic.com)
2)”Blue Bonnet Morning” from the “Love Vibrations” LP by Robbie D Love (robbiedlove.bandcamp.com)
3)”Nordic March” from the “2011 Demo” by Iron Felix (www.facebook.com/pages/Iron-Felix/206040902739394)
4)”Follow the Sun” from the “Adapter” LP by Tin Can Phone (tincanphone.net)
5)”Drone to Sleep” from the “Muerta” EP by The Boxing Lesson (theboxinglesson.wordpress.com)

Monday, December 19, 2011

12-19-11 - Whalers, Missions, Moving Castles, Japanese Carcrash, Western Ghost House

1)”Cheat On Each Other” from the “Paddle Easy” EP by Whalers (www.whalersmusic.com)
2)”Movements” by Missions (www.missionsinspace.com)
3)”Sick Girls” from the “Twin Daggers” EP by Moving Castles (www.movingcastles.com)
4)”Bad Newz” from the “Synth +” EP by Japanese Carcrash (www.facebook.com/pages/Japanese-Carcrash/179246925425149)
5)”Yesterday” from the “Kaleidoscope Tower” LP by Western Ghost House (westernghosthouse.tumblr.com)

Monday, December 12, 2011

12-12-11 - Watch Out For Rockets, Robbie D Love, Language Room, Dudes Die, The Couch, Wild Child

1)”13 days of xmas” from the “13 days of xmas” LP by Watch Out For Rockets (www.facebook.com/WatchOutForRockets)
2)”Black Friday (Lose Your Little Brain)” from “The Black Friday EP” by Robbie D Love (robbiedlove.bandcamp.com)
3)” Breachers” by Language Room (www.languageroom.net)
4)”If We Don’t Win” from the “Coloratura” LP by Dudes Die (dudesdie.wordpress.com)
5)”Indian Doctor” from the “Old and Touchin’ Blue” by The Couch (thecouch.bandcamp.com)
6)”Cocaine Hurricane” from the “Pillow Talk” LP by Wild Child (www.wildchildsounds.com)

Monday, December 5, 2011

12-5-11 - The Ghost Wolves, Dsgns, skirt the issue, Watch Out For Rockets, The Pons

1)”Big Star” from the “In Ya Neck!” LP by The Ghost Wolves (www.theghostwolves.com)
2)”Champagne Man” from the “WSTLND” EP by Dsgns (dsgnsmusic.blogspot.com)
3)”The Feast” by skirt the issue (skirttheissue.bandcamp.com)
4)”merry xmas baby” from the “13 Days of Christmas” LP by Watch Out For Rockets (www.facebook.com/WatchOutForRockets)
5)”Gene Hackman Dream” from the “The Blackest Shine” LP by The Pons (www.theponsmusic.com)