Monday, March 28, 2011

3-28-11 - emre, Killdeer, FM Campers, The Telewire, Sleep Good, The Warplanes, Texas Microphone Massacre

1)"The New World" from the "The Beginning " LP by emre (
2)"Fight Song" by Killdeer (
3)"Bear in a Box" from the "(_original demo_)" LP by FM Campers (
4)"Silence" from "The Telewire" LP by The Telewire (
5)"Water Voices" from the "Skyclimber" LP by Sleep Good (
6)"Evil Mask" by The Warplanes (
7)"Subconscious Thought Materializer" by Texas Microphone Massacre (

Monday, March 21, 2011

3-21-11 - International Waters, Party Girl, Noise Fix, The Shears, toof, Modern Medicine, Jes Maybe, Holy Wave

1)"Olympia" from the "It Felt Like It" EP by International Waters (
2)"Morning Kisses (featuring Michelle Win)" from the HEARTBREAKER LP by Party Girl (
3)"Ghost Island" from the "Noise Fix" EP by Noise Fix (
4)"Blow u Up Remix" by The Shears (
5)"balloon" from "the balloon" EP by toof (
6)"The Getaway" from the "2005-2009" EP by Modern Medicine (
7)"do tell" from the "Paper Airplanes" EP by Jes Maybe (
8)"Looksee" by Holy Wave (

Monday, March 14, 2011

SXSW! 3-14-11 - Mr. Bear, The Future Process, The Wolves, Panjoma, Before Dawn, Tin Can Phone, Watch Out For Rockets, Knifight

In honor of SXSW, we decided to break our self-imposed "new bands every week" rule, and for a relatively-righteous reason:  None of these bands, which were featured in previous podcasts, are scheduled to play in any official SXSW events, yet it's arguable that each and every one deserved a spot on the roster.  

So take a listen to some of the best music you won't hear at any SXSW-sponsored venue:

1)"Kendema Dub" from the "No Sleep 'til Bleep" LP by Mr. Bear (
2)"Pyramid" by The Future Process (
3)"Warmblooded" from the "Hole in the Sky" EP by The Wolves (
4)"One Chance" from the "Trixster God" LP by Panjoma (  
5)"Proof" from the "Brush with Greatness" LP by Before Dawn (
6)"Have a Drink" from the "Fifteen Songs" LP by Tin Can Phone (
7)"Drummer Girl" from the "13 Days of Christmas" LP by Watch Out For Rockets (
8)"Fell in Love (With a Cyborg)" from the "Now We're Invisible" EP by Knifight (

Monday, March 7, 2011

3-7-11 - Tin Can Phones, Farmer Jon, Slugbug, Bigfoot, White Dress, Black Ladder, 3D Friends, Avi Ghosh/dEFY

1)"The Haven" from the "15 Songs" LP by Tin Can Phones (
2)"Grevy's Zzzebra" from the THE W∆RHOL∆ DEMOS LP by Farmer Jon (
3)"Living In A Dome" from the "Wierd Life" EP by Slugbug (
4)"Gabe's Joint" from the "The Icebox" EP by Bigfoot (
5)"Wearing Red" from the "White Dress" EP by White Dress (
6)"Blue Elegy" from the "Black Ladder" EP by Black Ladder (
7)"Make.Mind.Love.Grow" from the "Time To Get Away" EP by 3D FRIENDS (
8)"Reconstructing A Broken Heart" from the "All That's Left Of Us" LP by avi ghosh - dEFY (