Monday, July 25, 2011

7-25-11 - Before Dawn, Robbie D. Love, Zlam Dunk, The Young Crooks, Warplanes, Sevonica, Missions

1)”You’re Not Too Cool to Dance” from the “Beats for Heat” EP by Before Dawn (
2)”Love Vibrations” from Robbie D. Love (
3)”Patrick” from the “We Are All Dead” EP by Zlam Dunk (
4)”Port Aransas” from the PHONE EP by The Young Crooks (
5)”The Rook” by The Warplanes (
6)”Nice To Meet You” from the “2010 Winter” EP by Sevonica (
7)”Phantasy” by Missions (

Monday, July 18, 2011

7-18-11 - Mixed Use Media, Stereo Is A Lie, The Beat Dolls, Panjoma, Gods Are Ghosts, bloody knives

1)”Robot Revival” by Mixed Use Media (
2)”Look At Yourself” from the “Stereo Is A Lie” LP by Stereo Is A Lie (
3)"Walking Dead" from the "Death of The Party" LP by The Beat Dolls (
4)”Easy Please Me Disco Hospital Remix” from the “Trixster God” LP by Panjoma (
5)”We Lay Patient” from the “A Violent Grace” EP by Gods Are Ghosts (
6)”I Saw The Ghost That Follows You” from the “Burn It All Down” LP by bloody knives (

Monday, July 11, 2011

7-11-11 - Synthetamine, Little Lo, The Octopus Project, Ordinary People, No Such Thing, Cactus Peach, Genuine Leather

1)"Confinement" from the "Radio Ghost" LP by Synthetamine (
2)”Wounded Knee” from the “A Poison Tree” EP by Little Lo (
3)”Fuguefat” from the “Hexdecagon” LP by The Octopus Project (
4)”Blunderbus” from the “Ordinary People” EP by Ordinary People (
5)”Let It Be Known” from the “This One's For You” EP by No Such Thing (
6)”Dreams = Heaven” from the “EAT” LP by Cactus Peach (
7)”Sleeping with the TV On” from the “S.S.S.S.” EP by Genuine Leather (

Monday, July 4, 2011

7-4-11 - Ashes of Babylon, Jack Beoris, Whalers, paperthreat, One-Eyed Doll, The Bubbles, Quiet Company

1)"Day to Day Living" from the "Day to Day Living" LP by Ashes of Babylon (
2)"Crazy Beat" from the "Lightning Tigers and Bitches" EP by Jack Beoris (
3)"Magic Tricks" from the "How The Ship Goes Down" EP by Whalers (
4)"Arrows" from the "Hello” EP by paperthreat (
5)"See Jane Run" from the "Break" LP by One-Eyed Doll (
6)"We're All Gonna Die" from the “Daydreaming in Technicolor” LP by The Bubbles (
7)"Fear and Fallacy Sitting in a Tree" from the “We Are All Where We Belong” LP by Quiet Company (