Monday, July 4, 2011

7-4-11 - Ashes of Babylon, Jack Beoris, Whalers, paperthreat, One-Eyed Doll, The Bubbles, Quiet Company

1)"Day to Day Living" from the "Day to Day Living" LP by Ashes of Babylon (
2)"Crazy Beat" from the "Lightning Tigers and Bitches" EP by Jack Beoris (
3)"Magic Tricks" from the "How The Ship Goes Down" EP by Whalers (
4)"Arrows" from the "Hello” EP by paperthreat (
5)"See Jane Run" from the "Break" LP by One-Eyed Doll (
6)"We're All Gonna Die" from the “Daydreaming in Technicolor” LP by The Bubbles (
7)"Fear and Fallacy Sitting in a Tree" from the “We Are All Where We Belong” LP by Quiet Company (

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