Monday, October 31, 2011

10-31-11 - SYNTHETAMINE, Scan Hopper, Western Ghost House, The Synthicate, MoTel Aviv, The Beat Dolls, Watch Out For Rockets

1)”MONUMENTO” from the “Radio Ghost” LP by SYNTHETAMINE (
2)”Wave” from the “Scan Hopper 2” LP by Scan Hopper (
3)”Branded” from the “Kaleidoscope Tower” LP by Western Ghost House (
4)”Pocket Pet Politician” from the “Never Leave a Trace” LP by The Synthicate (
5)”Static” from the “Post Modern Nation” LP by MoTel Aviv (
6)”Demons Inside Me” by The Beat Dolls (
7)”telepathic war machine” from the “telepathic war machine” EP by Watch Out For Rockets (

Monday, October 24, 2011

10-24-11 - Cry For Us Black Swans, Empire Machines, Love at 20, No Such Thing, Dead Station, The Wolves, wave hands like clouds, Newlywed

1)”Leather Soul” from the “We Are Shadows” EP by Cry For Us Black Swans (
2)”Dog Eat Dog World” from the “Empire Machines” EP by Empire Machines (
3)”Gone to Hide” from the “To Have and Have Not” LP by Love at 20 (
4)”Bury Me” from the “This One’s For You” EP by No Such Thing (
5)”Bloodstream” from the “Dead Station” LP by Dead Station (
6)”Indian Summer” from the “Indian Summer” EP by The Wolves (
7)”The Aspect of Third” from the “Where There's A Will, There's A Wait” EP by wave hands like clouds (
8)”Knots” from the “On The Vein” EP by Newlywed (

Monday, October 17, 2011

10-17-11 - Knifight, Iron Felix, Anneji, Mr. Bear, Before Dawn

1)”Eva” from the “The End Is KNIFIGHT” EP by Knifight (
2)”Bailey's System Gauge” from the “2011 Demo” EP by Iron Felix (
3)”Pheromones” from the “Contact” LP by Anneji (
4)”Papillon” from the “Papillon” EP by Mr. Bear (
5)”Lovely Game” from the “Brush with Greatness” LP by Before Dawn (

Monday, October 10, 2011

10-10-11 - Saints Of Valory, Galapagos, Saucerians, ASDF, Again, For The Win, DJ Dus, We'll Go Machete, Quiet Company

1)"The Young Sons" by Saints Of Valory (
2)"Actin Up" from the "BIG CAT" EP by Galapagos (
3)"Studio F" from the "Saucerians" EP by Saucerians (
4)"Sick Day" from the "DEMOns" EP by ASDF (
5)"dude,srsly {Wake Up}" from the "Posters On Walls Records - volume one" compilation LP by Again, For the Win (
6)"K Le Pasa" from the "Exponential Records - Texas Compilation" LP by DJ Dus (
7)"40 Feet" from the "Strong Drunk Hands" LP by We'll Go Machete (
8)"You, Me, & the Boatman" from the "We Are All Where We Belong" LP by Quiet Company (

Monday, October 3, 2011

10-3-11 - We'll Go Machete, Landing Station, Whalers, Tony VST, The Brothers Burn, Equals, Corduroi

1)"DM Barringer" from the "Strong Drunk Hands" LP by We'll Go Machete (
2)"Pressure" from the "Still Imagery" LP by Landing Station (
3)"Cheat On Each Other" from the "Paddle Easy" EP by Whalers (
4)"Nightmares" from the "Dreams & nightmares" LP by Tony VST (
5)"Turning Into Ash" from the "Turning Into Ash" LP by The Brothers Burn (
6)"Salvo" from the "Equals" EP by Equals (
7)"Bangarangarang" from the "Anything For Now" EP by Corduroi (