Monday, October 10, 2011

10-10-11 - Saints Of Valory, Galapagos, Saucerians, ASDF, Again, For The Win, DJ Dus, We'll Go Machete, Quiet Company

1)"The Young Sons" by Saints Of Valory (
2)"Actin Up" from the "BIG CAT" EP by Galapagos (
3)"Studio F" from the "Saucerians" EP by Saucerians (
4)"Sick Day" from the "DEMOns" EP by ASDF (
5)"dude,srsly {Wake Up}" from the "Posters On Walls Records - volume one" compilation LP by Again, For the Win (
6)"K Le Pasa" from the "Exponential Records - Texas Compilation" LP by DJ Dus (
7)"40 Feet" from the "Strong Drunk Hands" LP by We'll Go Machete (
8)"You, Me, & the Boatman" from the "We Are All Where We Belong" LP by Quiet Company (

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