Monday, June 27, 2011

6-27-11 - The Scotland Yard Sale, wave hands like clouds, Dancinatra, Zlam Dunk, Tin Can Phone, TV Torso

1)"Last Call" from the "This Was Supposed To Be An Album" EP by The Scotland Yard Sale (
2)"I Will Get Over Me, Eventually" from the "Undulus Asperatus" EP by wave hands like clouds (
3)"Midnight" from the "Dancinatra" EP by Dancinatra (
4)"VICE" from the "We Are All Dead" EP by Zlam Dunk (
5)"Have A Drink" from the "Fifteen Songs" LP by Tin Can Phone (
6)"The Black Mask" from TV Torso (

Monday, June 20, 2011

6-20-11 - Watch Out For Rockets, wahrk, Texas Microphone Massacre, Knifight, BK & Mr. E, Aperture, Murdocks

1)"Banshee on the Water" from the "Telepathic War Machine" LP by Watch Out For Rockets (
2)"Rabbits And Wolves" from the "Metamateria" EP by wahrk (
3)"Last December" from the "Fantasy Rolodex" LP by Texas Microphone Massacre (
4)"Girls Don't Get Crushes" from the "Now We're Invisible" EP by KNIFIGHT (
5)"Midnight" from the "Company Front" EP by BK & Mr. E (
6)"Charismatic" from the "Now That You're Awake" LP by Aperture (
7)"Die Together" from the "Distortionist" LP by Murdocks (

Monday, June 13, 2011

6-13-11 - Indigo Uprise, Gods Are Ghosts, The Clouds are Ghosts, Avi Ghosh - dEFY, Twin Sages, The Wolves

1)"Phenex" from the "Secrets to the Empowered Soul" LP by Indigo Uprise (
2)"Sharpen What Remains" from the "Lights" EP by Gods Are Ghosts (
3)"Atomic Daydream" from the "The Clouds are Ghosts" LP by The Clouds are Ghosts (
4)"Manner In Which We Fall" from the "All That's Left Of Us" LP by Avi Ghosh / dEFY (
5)"Fight Moan" by Twin Sages (
6)"What Big Teeth" from the "Hole In The Sky" EP by The Wolves (

Monday, June 6, 2011

6-6-11 - International Waters, The Shears, The Boxing Lesson, The Synthicate, The Crystal Curtain, Black Pistol Fire, The Bubbles

1)"Hardy Boys" from the "1994" LP by International Waters (
2)"Defibrillator" by The Shears (
3)"Muerta" from the "Muerta" EP by The Boxing Lesson (
4)"Filthy Fingers and a Shovel" from the "Never Leave a Trace" LP by The Synthicate
5)"T2" from the "T-Sounds" LP by The Crystal Curtain (
6)"Bottle Rocket" from the "Black Pistol Fire" LP by Black Pistol Fire (
7)"Never-Ending Summer" from the "Daydreaming in Technicolor" LP by The Bubbles