Monday, June 13, 2011

6-13-11 - Indigo Uprise, Gods Are Ghosts, The Clouds are Ghosts, Avi Ghosh - dEFY, Twin Sages, The Wolves

1)"Phenex" from the "Secrets to the Empowered Soul" LP by Indigo Uprise (
2)"Sharpen What Remains" from the "Lights" EP by Gods Are Ghosts (
3)"Atomic Daydream" from the "The Clouds are Ghosts" LP by The Clouds are Ghosts (
4)"Manner In Which We Fall" from the "All That's Left Of Us" LP by Avi Ghosh / dEFY (
5)"Fight Moan" by Twin Sages (
6)"What Big Teeth" from the "Hole In The Sky" EP by The Wolves (

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