Monday, November 28, 2011

11-28-11 - Empire Machines, Western Ghost House, Whalers, Texas Microphone Massacre, Moving Castles, KNIFIGHT, Murdocks

1)”Sweet Teeth” from the “Empire Machines” EP by Empire Machines (
2)”You Don't Scare Me” from the “Kaleidoscope Tower” LP by Western Ghost House (
3)”Pixel In Your Picture” from the “Paddle Easy” EP by Whalers (
4)”Secret Love” from the “Fantasy Rolodex” LP by Texas Microphone Massacre (
5)”Heroin” from the “Twin Daggers” EP by Moving Castles (
6)”Golden Light” from the “The End Is KNIFIGHT” EP by KNIFIGHT (
7)”OMG” from the “Distortionist” LP by Murdocks (

Monday, November 21, 2011

11-21-11 - Robbie D Love, Moving Castles, japanese CARCRASH, Rally Rally, End Wave, Tin Can Phone

1)”Back In Mexico” from the “Love Vibrations” LP by Robbie D Love (
2)”Warhol” from the “Twin Daggers” EP by Moving Castles (
3)”My Girl Hates My Radio” from the “Synth +” EP by japanese CARCRASH (
4)”Life In Static” from the “Rally Rally” EP by Rally Rally (
5)”Frankenstein's Coming Home” by End Wave (
6)”Smoking Gun” from the “Adapter” LP by Tin Can Phone (

Monday, November 14, 2011

11-14-11 - The Ghost Wolves, Boyfrndz, Borrisokane, We'll Go Machete, The Bubbles, KNIFIGHT

1)”The Snake and Jake Shake” from the “In Ya Neck!” EP by The Ghost Wolves (
2)”What If” from the “Boyfrndz” EP by Boyfrndz (
3)”Mentally Ill Werewolf Enthusiast” from the “Borrisokane” EP by Borrisokane (
4)”Kids In Front” from the “Strong Drunk Hands” LP by We'll Go Machete (
5)”One” from the “Daydreaming in Technicolor” by The Bubbles (
6)”Slow Decay” from the “The End Is KNIFIGHT” EP by KNIFIGHT (

Monday, November 7, 2011

11-7-11 - Wild Child, The Sour Notes, The Pons, Saucerians, Little Lo, GOBI

1)“Pillow Talk” from the “Pillow Talk” LP by Wild Child (
2)”Beyond Recognition” from the “IT'S NOT GONNA BE PRETTY” LP by The Sour Notes (
3)”Wherever You Are” from the “In the Belly of a Giant” LP by The Pons (
4)”Hey!” from the “Three Men” LP by Saucerians (
5)”Broken Skin” from the “A Poison Tree” LP by Little Lo (
6)”Music Save Me” from the “The Poltergeist Arcade” EP by GOBI (