Monday, September 26, 2011

9-26-11 - Whalers, subNatural, wave hands like clouds, The Clouds Are Ghosts, Cactus Peach, Dead Station

1)"Sell Out" from the "How The Ship Goes Down" LP by Whalers (
2)"despair mimics desire (mm444)" from the "subSequence" EP by subNatural (
3)"The Aspect of Third" from the "Where There's A Will, There's A Wait" EP by wave hands like clouds (
4)"Impact" from the "Harbringer" EP by The Clouds Are Ghosts (
5)"Telegraph" from the "EAT" LP by Cactus Peach (
6)"Crawl To The Moon" from the "Dead Station" LP by Dead Station (

Monday, September 19, 2011

9-19-11 - Knifight, Avi Ghosh/dEFY, Bloody Knives, Dead Station, Watch Out For Rockets, Zlam Dunk, The Sour Notes

1)"Dark Voices" - Knifight live @ ATX Antics (
2)"A Place No One Can Find" from the "All That's Left Of Us" LP by Avi Ghosh/dEFY (
3)"Set Me On Fire" from the "Burn It All Down" LP by bloody knives (
4)"A Breath To Raise You From The Dead" from the "Dead Station" LP by Dead Station (
5)"egg nog" from the "13 Days of Christmas" LP by Watch Out For Rockets (
6)"Not Stoked (Prime Time Killings)" from the "Noble Ancestry" LP by Zlam Dunk (
7)"A Cute Little Ruin" from the "IT'S NOT GONNA BE PRETTY" LP by The Sour Notes (

Monday, September 12, 2011

9-12-11 - Monarchs, MoTel Aviv, No Such Thing, Rally Rally, StumbleDrunk, The Scotland Yard Sale

1)”Arm's Length” from “The Rise and Fall” LP by Monarchs (
2)”Gold Mine” from the “Post Modern Nation” LP by MoTel Aviv (
3)”If Only” from the “This One’s For You” EP by No Such Thing (
4)”Rot The Kids” from the “Hot Pursuit” EP by Rally Rally (
5)”Collusion” from the “Collusion” EP by StumbleDrunk (
6)”Memphis” from the “Cityscapes” LP by The Scotland Yard Sale (

Monday, September 5, 2011

9-5-11 - Radio Fallout, Whalers, The Sour Notes, Equals, Before Dawn, BK & Mr. E, Knifight

1)”Wish I Could Tell” from the “Mondegreen” EP by Radio Fallout (
2)“That Rabbit” from the “How The Ship Goes Down” LP by Whalers (
3)“Nothing's More Contagious Than Evil” from the “Last Looks” LP by The Sour Notes (
4)”Electric Blanket” from the Equals EP by Equals (
5)”Deadly Beauty” from the “Brush With Greatness” LP by Before Dawn (
6)”Sand” from the “Company Front” by BK & Mr. E (
7)”In the Shadows” from the “Now We're Invisible” EP by Knifight (