Monday, May 30, 2011

5-30-11 - Love at 20, Brant Hooks, F for Fake, Ekow, Courrier, Play By Numbers, subNatural

1)"Never" from the "To Have and Have Not" LP by Love at 20 (
2)"Higher Air" from the "The Water" EP by Brant Hooks (
3)"New Hieroglyphic" from the "New Hieroglyphic" EP by F for Fake (
4)"For Love (Off the Top)" from the "4 Lobes 4 Chambers 4 Love Or 4 Lorn" LP by Ekow (
5)"Clarion Call" from the "Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest" LP by Courrier (
6)"Errors" from the "Bracket Tournament" LP by Play By Numbers (
7)"just another stain (mm444)" from the "subSequence" EP by subNatural (

Monday, May 23, 2011

5-23-11 - Cities of Enemies, Moa Moa, BLACK GUM, Giant Boy Detective, Mt. Olivet, Bloody Knives, Landing Station

1)"Watch your own" from the "Cities of Enemies" EP by Cities of Enemies (
2)"Swing" from the "Self-Titled EP" by Moa Moa (
3)"Back to the Beach" from the "BLACK GUM" LP by BLACK GUM (
4)"You're Like a Beautiful Godzilla, And I'm Thousands of Fleeing Japanese" from the "Stuff I Wrote..." LP by Giant Boy Detective (
5)"Leech" by Mt. Olivet (
6)"disappear" from the "disappear" EP by Bloody Knives (
7)"Shamrocks" from the "Still Imagery" LP by Landing Station (

Monday, May 16, 2011

5-16-11 - Descendants of Erdrick, Gabe and the Nightbears, The Synthicate, Rally Rally, Oxice, Agent A & Omae, Genuine Leather

1)"What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (Part I) (Castlevania)" by Descendants of Erdrick (
2)"away we go oh oh" from the oh, why not" Mixtape by Gabe and the Nightbears (
3)"rezynthicate" by The Synthicate (
4)"Stoplight" by Rally Rally (
5)"Drowning" from the "Ultra-Violent Radioactive Music of SWAG" LP by Oxice (
6)"Tagalong" from the "Blue Jay Days" LP by Agent A & Omae (
7)"25 Afternoons" from the "Crude Magic" EP by Genuine Leather (

Monday, May 9, 2011

5-9-11 - Tom Funk, Lady and the Amp, StumbleDrunk, Chase Weinacht, Rabbit Teeth, Cunto!, DIVIDE, Driver Friendly

1)"Life Of Luxury" from the "Adult Contemporary" LP by Tom Funk (
2)"Flashing Lights Come" from the "For The Kids" LP by Lady and the Amp (
3)"Shove" from the "Monday Evenings" LP by StumbleDrunk (
4)"Decorum" from the "Here Cinema" LP by Chase Weinacht (
5)"Insider Trading" from the "Being Polite Makes Everything Go Real Smooth, Vol.1" LP by Rabbit Teeth (
6)"Teddy Roosevelt" from "The Teddy Roosevelt" EP by Cunto! (
7)"For The Better" from the "Echelon" LP by Divide (
8)"You're A Legend, Sir" from Driver Friendly (

Monday, May 2, 2011

5-2-11 - The Hi-Tones, Paper Mache, Hump Music, Gnarly Scar, Cloudcraft, Chalkboards, Lone Star Demons

1)"Way Out" from the "TransAudioStasis" EP by The Hi-Tones (
2)"Through The Fire" from the "Lightning Bug" LP by Paper Mache (
3)"Death to the Routine" by Hump Music (
4)"Face First" from the "Stormalong" LP by Gnarly Scar (
5)"Stick Hatch" from "The Harbor" LP by Cloudcraft (
6)"good luck" from the "isn't it wonderful that we are together again" LP by Chalkboards (
7)"Satan's Castle" from the "Lone Star Demons" LP by Lone Star Demons (