Monday, May 2, 2011

5-2-11 - The Hi-Tones, Paper Mache, Hump Music, Gnarly Scar, Cloudcraft, Chalkboards, Lone Star Demons

1)"Way Out" from the "TransAudioStasis" EP by The Hi-Tones (
2)"Through The Fire" from the "Lightning Bug" LP by Paper Mache (
3)"Death to the Routine" by Hump Music (
4)"Face First" from the "Stormalong" LP by Gnarly Scar (
5)"Stick Hatch" from "The Harbor" LP by Cloudcraft (
6)"good luck" from the "isn't it wonderful that we are together again" LP by Chalkboards (
7)"Satan's Castle" from the "Lone Star Demons" LP by Lone Star Demons (

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