Monday, May 23, 2011

5-23-11 - Cities of Enemies, Moa Moa, BLACK GUM, Giant Boy Detective, Mt. Olivet, Bloody Knives, Landing Station

1)"Watch your own" from the "Cities of Enemies" EP by Cities of Enemies (
2)"Swing" from the "Self-Titled EP" by Moa Moa (
3)"Back to the Beach" from the "BLACK GUM" LP by BLACK GUM (
4)"You're Like a Beautiful Godzilla, And I'm Thousands of Fleeing Japanese" from the "Stuff I Wrote..." LP by Giant Boy Detective (
5)"Leech" by Mt. Olivet (
6)"disappear" from the "disappear" EP by Bloody Knives (
7)"Shamrocks" from the "Still Imagery" LP by Landing Station (

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