Monday, May 9, 2011

5-9-11 - Tom Funk, Lady and the Amp, StumbleDrunk, Chase Weinacht, Rabbit Teeth, Cunto!, DIVIDE, Driver Friendly

1)"Life Of Luxury" from the "Adult Contemporary" LP by Tom Funk (
2)"Flashing Lights Come" from the "For The Kids" LP by Lady and the Amp (
3)"Shove" from the "Monday Evenings" LP by StumbleDrunk (
4)"Decorum" from the "Here Cinema" LP by Chase Weinacht (
5)"Insider Trading" from the "Being Polite Makes Everything Go Real Smooth, Vol.1" LP by Rabbit Teeth (
6)"Teddy Roosevelt" from "The Teddy Roosevelt" EP by Cunto! (
7)"For The Better" from the "Echelon" LP by Divide (
8)"You're A Legend, Sir" from Driver Friendly (

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