Monday, February 28, 2011

2-28-11 - The Wolves, Art Versus Industry, The Pons, T Bird and the Breaks, wahrk, Eddie Willis, Killa Dilla, Milezo, Gods Are Ghosts

1)"Jailbait" from the "Hole In The Sky" EP by The Wolves (  
2)"Let's Kill" from the Movement I LP by Art Versus Industry 
3)"Giant" from "In the Belly of a Giant" LP by The Pons (  
4)"Diggin' in the Dirt" from the "T Bird is Good For You" LP by T Bird and the Breaks (  
5)"Polygon City" from the "delve" EP by wahrk (
6)"Glow" from the "After the Music" LP by Eddie Willis (
7)"The Killa Dilla" by Killa Dilla (
8)"Ocean Girl" from the "These Things I Know" EP by Milezo (
9)"You Refuse the Noose" from the "Lights" EP by Gods Are Ghosts (

Monday, February 21, 2011

2-21-11 - BK & Mr. E, Fresh Millions, Bodytronics, Von Roader, Neiliyo, The Boxing Lesson, Royal Forest

1)"Standing There" from the "Under the Radar" LP by BK & Mr. E (
2)"The Helicopter" by Fresh Millions (
3)"BTX63010-1" by Bodytronics (
4)"Durban" by Von Roader (
5)"What I'm Doin'" from the "Runnin' Errndz" LP by Neiliyo (
6)"One" by The Boxing Lesson (
7)"Courtesy in Decline" by Royal Forest (

Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-11 - TV Torso, Bali Yaaah, Dark Star Radar, Baily Go Beats, Missions, Obsolete Machines

1)"Slanderer's Stew" from the "Status Quo Vadis" EP by TV Torso (  

2)"Shoot It" by Bali Yaaah (

3)"You're Crazy" by Dark Star Radar (  

4)"Dine with the King" by Baily Go Beats (!/bailygobeats).  

5)"Phantasy" from the "2009 Promo" LP by Missions (

6)"1,000,000 Others" by Obsolete Machines (

Monday, February 7, 2011

2-7-11 - Synthetamine, Quiet Company, The Brothers Burn, The Sour Notes, Tony VST, Cindy Adzuki, Murdocks, Quantifyd

1)"Alien Contact" from the "Radio Ghost" LP by Synthetamine (  

2)"It's Better to Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow" by Quiet Company (

3)"RadioActive" from the "Flattened Frog" LP by The Brothers Burn (  

4)"Never Mix Never Worry" from the "Never Mix Never Worry" LP by The Sour Notes (  

5)"03.333" from "333" LP by Tony VST (

6)"The Note Is Not" by Cindy Adzuki (!).

7)"Bloodsicle" from "Distortionist" LP by Murdocks (

8)"Peacefully" by Quantifyd (