Monday, October 31, 2011

10-31-11 - SYNTHETAMINE, Scan Hopper, Western Ghost House, The Synthicate, MoTel Aviv, The Beat Dolls, Watch Out For Rockets

1)”MONUMENTO” from the “Radio Ghost” LP by SYNTHETAMINE (
2)”Wave” from the “Scan Hopper 2” LP by Scan Hopper (
3)”Branded” from the “Kaleidoscope Tower” LP by Western Ghost House (
4)”Pocket Pet Politician” from the “Never Leave a Trace” LP by The Synthicate (
5)”Static” from the “Post Modern Nation” LP by MoTel Aviv (
6)”Demons Inside Me” by The Beat Dolls (
7)”telepathic war machine” from the “telepathic war machine” EP by Watch Out For Rockets (

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