Monday, July 25, 2011

7-25-11 - Before Dawn, Robbie D. Love, Zlam Dunk, The Young Crooks, Warplanes, Sevonica, Missions

1)”You’re Not Too Cool to Dance” from the “Beats for Heat” EP by Before Dawn (
2)”Love Vibrations” from Robbie D. Love (
3)”Patrick” from the “We Are All Dead” EP by Zlam Dunk (
4)”Port Aransas” from the PHONE EP by The Young Crooks (
5)”The Rook” by The Warplanes (
6)”Nice To Meet You” from the “2010 Winter” EP by Sevonica (
7)”Phantasy” by Missions (


  1. It's nice to be on yet another of your podcasts. Right now we are on tour and taking a few days off for some R&R way up in the Northwoods of WI. Not too cool is still in our repertoire and we have added new homemade electronic instruments in the breakdown when we perform live. I'll post some photos soon.
    Before Dawn

  2. Hey guys - it's nice to be able to spin some great music, keep 'er coming!