Monday, August 1, 2011

8-1-11 - MoTel Aviv, Equals, Zlam Dunk, The Sour Notes, BK & Mr. E, Courrier, GOBI, Party Girl

1)”The Unknown” from the “Post Modern Nation” LP by MoTel Aviv (
2)”False Light” from the “Equals” EP by Equals (
3)”Tomorrow in Twenty Million Years” from the “Noble Ancestry” LP by Zlam Dunk (
4)”Psychological Thriller” by The Sour Notes (
5)”Different Strokes” from the “Company Front” EP by BK & Mr. E (
6)”The Ascendist” from the “Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest” EP by Courrier (
7)”Skyline” from the “The Late Night” EP by GOBI (
8)”Pillow Talk” from the “HEARTBREAKER” EP by Party Girl (

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