Monday, March 7, 2011

3-7-11 - Tin Can Phones, Farmer Jon, Slugbug, Bigfoot, White Dress, Black Ladder, 3D Friends, Avi Ghosh/dEFY

1)"The Haven" from the "15 Songs" LP by Tin Can Phones (
2)"Grevy's Zzzebra" from the THE W∆RHOL∆ DEMOS LP by Farmer Jon (
3)"Living In A Dome" from the "Wierd Life" EP by Slugbug (
4)"Gabe's Joint" from the "The Icebox" EP by Bigfoot (
5)"Wearing Red" from the "White Dress" EP by White Dress (
6)"Blue Elegy" from the "Black Ladder" EP by Black Ladder (
7)"Make.Mind.Love.Grow" from the "Time To Get Away" EP by 3D FRIENDS (
8)"Reconstructing A Broken Heart" from the "All That's Left Of Us" LP by avi ghosh - dEFY (

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