Monday, April 18, 2011

4-18-11 - The Daily Brothers, Jak of Spades, The Clouds are Ghosts, The Black and White Years, Glacier Princess, Kami Armstrong, The Couch

1)"The Hardest Part of Dreaming" by The Daily Brothers (
2)"Depressant" from the "OOO OOO LALA DOODLE DOODLE" LP by Jak of Spades (
3)"We Are Not Alone" from the "The Clouds are Ghosts" LP by The Clouds are Ghosts (
4)"Cold" by The Black and White Years (
5)"Carbon Copy" from the "ACCIDENTALS" EP by Glacier Princess (
6)"Kitchen Shears" from the "Certain Little Thing" EP by Kami Armstrong (
7)" Creamy Peach" from the "Godsick Blues" EP by The Couch (

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