Monday, April 11, 2011

4-11-11 - Aperture, Bobee, Boonesboro, The Hedonistic Imperative, Clement, Peel, paperthreat, aHead76

1)"The Masochist" from the "Now That You're Awake" LP by Aperture (
2)"going to my grave" from the "th r ee" LP by Bobee (
3)"And My Dog Loves You" from the "And My Dog Loves You" LP by Boonesboro
4)"asymmetrical docking" from "View It Boldly" LP by The Hedonistic Imperative (
5)"Triangle" from the "Mountain" EP by Clement (
6)"August Exhaust Pipes" from the "August Exhaust Pipes" EP by Peel (
7)"Vintage Walls" from the "Hello" EP by paperthreat (
8)"Selling Souls" from the "Selling Their Soul" LP by aHead76 (

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