Monday, January 2, 2012

1-2-12 - Corduroi, Cactus Peach, Empire Machines, Bloody Knives, Dudes Die, Robbie D Love, Laserz

1)”Crustacean” from the “Anything For Now” LP by Corduroi (
2)”Low Gravity” from the “EAT” LP by Cactus Peach (
3)”Panda Thief” from the “Empire Machines” EP by Empire Machines (
4)”I’ll never leave you alone” from the “Disappear” EP by Bloody Knives (
5)”Neighbors” from the “Neighbors” EP by Dudes Die (
6)”Until The Day That I Die” from the “Across The Delta Into The Mississippi” EP by Robbie D Love
7)”Howard Hughes” by Laserz (

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